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We are partnering with a collections agency to include all the accounts with illegitimate chargebacks into collections. These accounts will also be charged a 10% late fee each month.

Scheduling an appointment is super easy. Simply click the “Book Now” button, and you will be able to book a service in no time!

Move In / Move Out – For a move-in/move-out cleaning service, please select the Move-in / Move-out Cleaning package. Selecting the other packages for this kind of cleaning will not provide you with the necessary cleaning needed for moving in or out. We will deliver only the services included in your chosen package.

Deep Clean – Please choose the Deep Clean service if your space has more than one bedroom and bathroom. The Standard package does not include enough hours to work on large spaces and is intended only for one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartments. Booking this service will not result in the complete cleaning of space with two or more rooms and baths.

A Little Dirty – Your space has been professionally cleaned within the last 3 months.
Moderately Dirty – Your space has been professionally cleaned within the last 6 months.
Extremely Dirty – Your space has not been professionally cleaned within the last 12 months.

Kitchen (sink, countertops, stove top, cabinet faces)
Bedroom (shelving, nightstands, bed frame, tidy up the bed)
Bathroom (shower, toilet, tub, handles, drain)
All exterior surfaces in all rooms
All window sills

All others not mentioned above may be included for an additional cost.
Selecting the Deep Clean service for a one-bedroom and one-bathroom space allows for more detailed work.

This package includes everything in the Standard plan plus the following:

  • Thorough dusting
  • Baseboards
  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Backsplashes
  • Faucet fixtures
  • Light organization of all rooms (For a detailed organization, select add-on.)
    Extra hour included for high areas

The goal of this package is to make your space look brand-new again for new homeowners. This plan contains an all-inclusive cleaning service and is the most complete package that we are offering. It also includes four add-ons such as inside oven, inside fridge, inside cabinets, and inside all windows.

We recommend the Deep Clean package. This will allow us to do an initial thorough cleaning of the space. Afterward, many clients select the 2-hour cleaning for maintenance.